3 y Cuatro

"3 y Cuatro" is a group of Venezuelan music that through its polyphonic song seeks to give a fresh image to the Creole, having as a main element the game between the voices and musical arrangements that fuse different rhythms.

The group was formed in 1998 to participate in an important Festival of Aguinaldos and Villancicos in Venezuela, where it obtained the First Place, and in 2000 they made their first solo concert, since then they have dedicated themselves to the assembly of repertoire that includes original works and versions of traditional Venezuelan and Latin American themes.

"3 y Cuatro" has been presented in multiple stages throughout Venezuela and has participated in international festivals of traditions and culture, providing a new vision of traditional music.

"3 y Cuatro" began with the voices of Sofía Zambrano, Bladimir Moreno and Alexander Moreno, currently Mariana Méndez, Iván Orihuela and Alexander Moreno continue to give life to this musical proposal.



Que sí!

"Que Sí" is the opportunity to make a sound trip through all the regions of the Venezuela, strolling before the Catatumbo Lightning when listening to "Maracaibo en la Noche", feeling the "Andean Nostalgia" that evokes the streets of San Cristóbal city, or finding "Chucho y Ceferina ", the Caracas characters that filled the corners of the city that Conny Méndez drew in their songs with flavors and colors. The album is a fully developed production in Venezuela with the participation of front-line musicians, and in the song "Lamento de Nube" we have the "Venezuela Strings Recording Ensemble" directed by Raniero Palm who has won two Latin Grammys.

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